Jan 29, 2010

Masjid of Pulau Melaka

This is Masjid Pulau Melaka, the mosque/masjid of my village/kampung.

Not long ago someone asked me to paste a picture of our 'kampung's masjid because she wanted to see it. While searching my Picasa web album, I found this picture that was taken earlier last year.

This masjid is only a walking distance from my house. From this picture you can only see the men side while the women area is to the left side of this picture.

In front of this masjid are an Islamic secondary school, Maahad Darul Anuar on the right and a tahfiz school on the left, Maahad Tahfiz Nikmatillah. Closer to the women area are the private primary school, SRI al-Anuar and also a kindergarten, Pusat Asuhan Tunas Islam (PASTI).

Frankly speaking, if you are living here, your kid would have a place to study starting from pre-school until secondary/high school. In this small village, we almost have everything for education. Alhamdulillah. 

Only that, I only went to the kindy and then to a government schools.


Anonymous said...

Mashallah! Every time you write about your country I want to get on a plane and come stay. I am also very happy to see a female bookseller.

kakchik said...

Thank you ummmalaak. I'm glad that my posts can make you feel that way. Actually every country has it's own attraction and I'm being bias here hehehe. Anyway, I love this country and of course my home state, Kelantan. Jazakillahi khair sis, selling books is my childhood dream and I'm glad to have your support.

oum moesaa said...

yes, i'm feeling the same way ummmalaak.
I'm still folowwing this blog, and i can't wait to visit your country!
I have a question. Is it difficult to find work in malaysia/kelantan if your from europe? My kids are getting older and i really don't want they grow up here in the netherlands.
BarakAllahou fiek.

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