Aug 30, 2010

Won 3rd. Place


This set has won me a 3rd. place inthis contest:

Proud Hijabis. (Islamic Fashion) : It's Ramadan!

Created by Hanan.™
Enter your sets that best display the way you would dress during Ramadan, or sets that include pictures or symbols representing this holy month :) Two Weeks, Five Winners, NO LIMIT!!!

And here is the sets of all the 5 winners.


umm ruman said...

Congratulation kak chik, you are always a winner for me. Love your design and love your versatility.

ummu said...

salam kakchik
saya suka sangat pada rekaan kakchik
memang Islam itu indah kan kak..

kakchik said...

Thank you k.azah. Your comments are a good support for me. Yes, Islam is beautiful.

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