Sep 2, 2010

Ideas for styling Layla Abaya

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers.

It's been a few days after my last post. I was very busy trying to catch up with all the works and also managing my businesses so as usual my attention have to be focused only to one blog, Keluargaku Sayang.

Anyway, it does not mean that I forget about KakChik's Wardrobe. Insyaallah this is my 2nd best blog ever and I love writing here as much as I love writing at the former one.

Ramadhan is going to leave us soon and in day time I am busy with mostly the abaya business, apart from my career at the Library. Alhamdulillah this Ramadhan Abaya Elegan managed to gain many customers and more than half of them bought this abaya:
Layla Abaya
I also have this abaya and love wearing it either to work or sometimes to special events such as weddings and dinners. Anyway, one customer is still new in wearing abaya and she asked for my help to style her.

Huhu, my skill in Polyvore is getting rusty again and I just managed to create this sets:

Dear Harlina, I'm sorry for not able to create a better sets. I'm not very satisfied with this ideas. If you don't like them, insyaallah I'll create some more. Inform me okay.

With that, I'm going to rest now. I want to get up early for Sahur and Qur'an. Ma'assalamah.


Anonymous said...

hihihi.......mama pun plg suka abaya ni.

Chloe said...

I'm not surprised that many of your customers bought that abaya, its stunning!

kakchik said...

Min, betul? Happynya...

kakchik said...

Thanks Chloe. Maybe they think so too.

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